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Please join us for Scandinavian dancing, always with great live music!

Special events, February 2016

dateplacemore info
Sat 2/6Montpelier VTdetails below; venue
Sun 2/7Greenfield MAdetails below; venue
Wed 2/10NYC (at Scandia NY)Scandia NY site
2/12–14Dance Flurry FestivalFlurry site

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Slängpolska workshop & dance

Come and experience the latest trend in folk dancing in Sweden right now!

Sat 2/6 in Montpelier VTSun 2/7 in Greenfield MA

12:30–3:00  slängpolska workshop
  3:00–4:00  dance (featuring slängpolska, schottis, vals)

Make a day of it! Join us for a fiddle workshop afterward (see below), a potluck at the Grange, and the evening contradance where you'll get another brief chance to practice your new moves.

2:00–5:00  slängpolska workshop
5:00–6:00  dance (featuring slängpolska, schottis, vals)
WHERE: Capital City Grange Guiding Star Grange

$20 for 2.5-hr workshop (no add'l fee for dance)
(sliding scale to $12)

$25 for 3-hr workshop (no add'l fee for dance)
(sliding scale to $15)

Fiddle workshop

Sat 2/6 in Montpelier VT

4:45–6:15 workshop for fiddlers

Learn a favorite new tune! Slängpolska tunes are groovy, accessible, and highly satisfying. Our session will be geared toward intermediate players who are comfortable learning by ear. Open to melody players and those willing to pretend to be melody players.

WHERE: at a private house nearby the Grange

$35 for 1.5-hr workshop
(sliding scale to $20)


Preregistration is required, as there is limited space.

Why slängpolska?

One of the missions we brought home with us is to introduce all y'all to the awesomeness of the dancing that is Actually cool in Sweden now. Slängpolska — as danced in Stockholm and Uppland and among the multigenerational set — is more freeform-y nonchoregraphed-y improv-y swingdance-y than what you may expect from the Scandi-dance scene in these parts, and it is totally a great fit for our dance demographic. PLUS that is where a great many of the super-awesome accessible tunes are, so the increasingly many folks who want to play Swedish tunes will also be happy.

What does it look like?

Here are a couple of teeny snippets of what slängpolska looks like at dance events, and a couple of longer performance clips where you can see the dancing of our friend Anton Schneider, one of the most sought-after young dancers in Stockholm.

What to expect

Our dance parties welcome dancers of all levels of experience.

What to bring: Low-heeled leather-soled shoes are best for our turning dances. No partner necessary.